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Funny and Weird Swedish words in English and vice-versa

There are a lot of words that are normal in Swedish that are weird or strange for English speakers or vice versa. Knowing this fact we decided to surprise each other by making a list of 10 each and seeing who had what. Here are just a few! And then we left the pages and showed each other - newlywed style!

Hår (pronounced whore) - means hair

Hårservice - means hair service but sounds like whore and they don’t pronounce service like we do but it’s close enough to chuckle

Fart (we both had this one) - means speed - this is seen all over the place! :)

Utfart and Infart - exit and entrance where you drive in and out You usually don’t fart in - it is usually out! LOL Farts usually go out! Farting in is implosive!

Slut (pronounced sloot) - means end

Bad - has several meanings: bath, a swim, prayed

Kock - means cook (like chef)

Kiss - means pee

Sex - means both six and sex

You hear and have to say sex all the time because it’s the number 6!. That was a little uncomfortable for me for the first decade.

Barn - means kids

Bra - means good

Fack - pronounced “F*ck” means a pocket, cubby hole, or a workers’ union

Puss - means kiss, more like a peck

Kitt - pronounced “shit” means putty after 20+ years I didn’t know this word. I heard someone fixing my kitchen say this and I seriously thought it was just their foreign accent. I’ve only heard that person say it until Karen surprised me

Prick - means point - kind of like English but in Swedish they use it more

Slutstation - this means last stop on your bus or train, end of the line

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